Twelve Spatial Games Coming to Apple Vision Pro, Including Jetpack Joyride 2, Cut The Rope 3, and Super Fruit Ninja

Additionally, Apple has announced that Spire Blast, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, and Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City would be available on the Apple Vision Pro.


New “spatial games” that are intended to run on Apple’s recently released Apple Vision Pro headset were introduced by the firm on Thursday. The business states that these games are offered to Apple Arcade subscribers and are made specifically for visionOS. With the use of augmented reality (AR) technology, users will be able to interact with these games through hand movements and observe certain aspects in an immersive format. In the meanwhile, the mixed reality headgear offers access to 250 non-spatial games.


The developer of iPhones has revealed that 12 new 3D games are now playable on the Vision Pro through Apple Arcade. The games in question are Super Fruit Ninja, Synth Riders, What the Golf?, Jetpack Joyride 2, LEGO Builder’s Journey, Jetpack TD 6+, Cut the Rope 3, Game Room, Illustrated, Super Fruit Ninja, and Wylde Flowers.


Additionally, Apple has shown off how some of these games will function with hand and finger gestures on the Vision Pro in a demonstration. These include using your fingertips to move chess pieces or lift cards, cut virtual fruit, or catch musical notes.


According to the business, owners of Vision Pros will soon be able to access other spatial games. These consist of Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, Spire Blast, and Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City. Similar to the titles described earlier, customers will get access through Apple Arcade.


Only users with active Apple Arcade or Apple One subscriptions can access these games. In the US, an individual Apple One subscription costs $19.95 (about Rs. 1,650) per month, while an Arcade subscription is $6.99 (nearly Rs. 580).


As Apple continues to release additional material for the Vision Pro, a recent article highlights a growing tendency of users of the headset returning their purchase within the company’s 14-day return window on social media. Customers are allegedly complaining that the headgear weighs too much—up to 650g when with a 353g cable-connected battery.


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