Moto X50 Ultra Teaser Teases Design and Formula One Inspiration; Expected to Launch as Motorola Edge 50 Pro Worldwide

The Moto X50 Ultra has a back panel made to look like leather.


Given that the phone has been formally hinted at recently, the Moto X50 Ultra may shortly be announced. The phone’s design, which is probably going to be different from previous generations’ looks, was alluded to in the official teaser. Although not much is currently known about the phone, it is expected to be released worldwide under a different name and with some minor modifications. It is anticipated to include improvements over the Moto X40, the most recent model in the X-series that was released in December 2023.


The new Moto X50 Ultra is seen next to Formula 1 footage in the teaser video that Motorola posted on Weibo, suggesting that the racing competition may have served as influence for the design of the device. Additionally, the phone has being marketed by the firm as a “AI Mobile Phone” (translated from Chinese). As a result, we may anticipate it to be loaded with AI-powered features. The launch schedule and all other phone-related information have not yet been confirmed by the corporation. Notably, there was no Moto X40 Pro or Moto X40 Ulta model available in the Moto X40 portfolio.


The Moto X50 Ultra is seen in the aforementioned video sporting a black, imitation leather finish. The upper left corner of the glossy back panel has a rectangular rear camera module. On the right side of the phone are the power button and the split volume keys. Over the coming weeks, more information regarding the model should become available.


According to a Sparrow News story, the Moto X50 Ultra is anticipated to go on sale globally, but with a few changes similar to the Motorola Edge 50 Pro. With 125W wired and 50W wireless charging capability, it might have a 4,500mAh battery. If there is a Motorola Edge 50 Pro at all, it’s probably just a rebranded version of the original Moto X50 device, according to a GSMArena rumor. These are theoretical assumptions, therefore readers should proceed with caution.


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