Microsoft might release a portable game console and the next-generation Xbox in 2026

It’s possible that Microsoft is developing a portable Xbox system that will support both native and cloud gaming. The next generation Xbox and a portable console are expected to be released by the company in 2026.


Xbox’s upcoming generation might come in two different form factors. In addition to the standard Xbox, a recent rumor indicates that Microsoft is developing a handheld gaming device that resembles the Nintendo Switch and can run both natively and on the cloud.


The information was provided by Xbox community member Magg, who stated on the Xbox News Cast podcast that a new Xbox model might be released in 2026, though Microsoft might decide to alter its mind. Although he did not disclose any information regarding the portable gaming system, it appears that the SKU will be less expensive than its conventional equivalent.


According to Jez Corden, another industry insider, Microsoft has approved a number of Xbox hardware products, suggesting that the tech giant is still actively pursuing the console market. This is consistent with documents that the US Federal Trade Commission accidentally released, confirming that the tech giant was already developing the next Xbox generation.


The documents also disclosed that Microsoft is considering two processors, both made by AMD, and that the upcoming Xbox will be a hybrid console.


The Xbox manufacturer may be considering leaving the console market in favor of concentrating on developing new games for its current competitors, such as the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation, according to recent rumors. The rumors gained so much traction that Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, declared that the company was “planning a business event for next week” to reveal additional information about Xbox’s future.


We advise you to treat this information with extreme caution as it is currently unofficial and to hold off on making any decisions until Xbox CEO Phil Spencer makes an official statement the following week.


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