Microsoft Declares That the Next-Gen Xbox Will Be the “Largest Technical Leap” for a New Console Generation

Xbox presently sells the lower-end, digital-only Xbox Series S in addition to its flagship current-generation system, the Xbox Series X.


In a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast on Thursday, Microsoft revealed fresh information about its plans for Xbox hardware, teased the next generation of Xbox consoles, and provided updates about its gaming business. The business reaffirmed its commitment to creating Xbox hardware and unique titles for the platform, even if it acknowledged that four Xbox-exclusive games would be released on the PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Xbox President Sarah Bond stated in the podcast that Microsoft’s goal for the upcoming Xbox is to deliver the “largest technical leap” for a new console generation.


Bond said that Xbox fans should anticipate new hardware for the holidays later this year, which is probably the much-rumored mid-generation upgrade of the Xbox Series S/X consoles. We’re going to highlight some amazing hardware releases this Christmas season. The Xbox president added, “We’re also invested in the roadmap for the upcoming generation. “And achieving the biggest technological advancement you will have witnessed in a hardware generation is what we’re really focused on there,” she continued.


Xbox presently sells the lower-end, digital-only Xbox Series S in addition to its flagship current-generation system, the Xbox Series X.


A mid-generation revamp for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S consoles was planned, according to leaked court documents from the Federal Trade Commission antitrust lawsuit over Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, which surfaced back in September of last year. Conceptual drawings of future Xbox hardware were also included in the docs, along with a release schedule for the platform.


Microsoft’s mid-generation upgrade of the Xbox Series X, codenamed “Brooklin,” is purported to be an all-digital console with the same performance and capabilities as the original, with the exception of the optical disc drive. These photographs were obtained during the leak process. The console looks to be cylindrical in shape, with an improved 2TB capacity, and will probably cost $499, or Rs. 54,990, same as the Series X. According to the materials that were released, “Brooklin” was scheduled for release in October 2024. Like PlayStation’s DualSense controller, Xbox also intends to provide an enhanced controller with gyro, haptic feedback, and adjustable triggers in addition to the console.


The Xbox president did not reveal a release date for the upcoming Xbox consoles during the podcast, in which Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios, and Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer joined Bond. However, Microsoft anticipates that the Xbox and PS6 will launch in 2028, as also disclosed by court documents from the FTC trial in June of last year. The corporation had stated in the filings that “this term would, in any case, go beyond the expected starting period of the next generation of consoles (in 2028).” The Xbox Series S/X and PS5 systems, which comprise the current generation, were introduced in 2020.



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