Meizu announces that it is closing its Android smartphone business and focusing entirely on AI

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered Meizu 21 is the company’s final smartphone.


The Chinese consumer electronics company Meizu has formally declared its intention to leave the Android smartphone market. The Meizu 21 may be the company’s final traditional phone to be released; it was first introduced in China in November 2023. The company also disclosed that it will now be concentrating on artificial intelligence (AI) and creating hardware and software solutions centered around this cutting-edge field of study. Notably, Meizu is departing from an established business for the second time; the first was in 2007 when it stopped producing MP3 players.


Li Nan, the former marketing director of Meizu, initially shared the information on Weibo. The company then verified it with a video on its website. The company’s CEO, Ziyu Shen, explained during the announcement that the primary driver for the pivot was shifts in the smartphone market. He mentioned that it now takes users 51 months on average, or slightly more than four years, to upgrade a smartphone.


He also emphasized that rival businesses have contributed to the increased competition because many of them currently provide comparable performance in terms of software experience, smoothness, and photography. The Chinese brand, he continued, now wished to go “All in [on] AI.” It will now concentrate on terminal AI devices and provide hardware and software solutions.


Meizu plans to transform its Flyme OS smartphone operating system into an AI device operating system in the future. It will also create a new mobile operating system with an emphasis on AI capabilities, allowing smartphones to incorporate AI. Shen also alluded to gadgets like Humane’s AI Pin and Rabbit R1, raising the possibility that it may experiment with various form factors. The announcement also suggested that later this year, the Chinese consumer tech brand might introduce its first AI hardware. No information about what it might be was disclosed.


Meizu went on to say that offline retail stores and the country’s current smartphone users would not be negatively impacted. It is unclear if or not smartphones sold in other countries will likewise be supported. As a result, the Meizu 21 is the company’s final smartphone. It is unclear when the Meizu 21 Pro or Meizu 22 series will be released.


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