Indians use Alexa to control lights the most frequently, according to Amazon

On the occasion of its sixth anniversary in India, the company has also revealed some amazing discounts on Alexa devices.


In honor of its sixth anniversary, Amazon has shared some interesting data regarding the usage of its Alexa-enabled devices in India. The company claims that consumers in 99% of India’s postal codes, from big cities to small towns, have bought products like its Fire TV Stick and Alexa smart speakers. Over the past three years, the number of smart home devices connected to Alexa has increased by 200% as a result of this increased consumer awareness.


The number of people requesting to use Alexa to control compatible appliances, such as smart lights, plugs, fans, TVs, security cameras, air conditioners, water heaters, and air purifiers, has increased by 100% in tandem with the growth in connected devices.


ACs and fans have grown the most.

In India, one of the most popular requests for smart homes is still to ask Alexa to control the lights. However, among all smart home devices, smart fans and air conditioners have experienced the greatest growth, with usage rising by 37% in the last year.


Notably, Amazon reports that the variety of Alexa-compatible smart home appliance options on the market has increased by 12% in the last 12 months. Brands like Atomberg, OnePlus, Hindware, and Xiaomi are releasing new gadgets.


Major revisions

A summary of some of its most important new feature releases is also provided by Amazon. With just one or two taps, users can now more easily access and control smart devices thanks to the redesigned Alexa app. The app is easier to use thanks to features like favorites, home shortcuts, streamlined activity feeds, and enhanced search.


Meanwhile, without requiring a separate hub or bridge, setup is simple and frustration-free with Alexa Connect Kit-enabled bulbs like the recently released Wipro RGBW lamp. When the bulbs are first turned on, they automatically establish a connection with your Alexa account.


Anniversary sales

Finally, Amazon has announced discounts of up to 50% on Echo devices, Fire TV, and Alexa smart home bundles in honor of Alexa’s sixth anniversary in India. Highlights include an Echo Dot bundle with a Wipro smart bulb for Rs 3,899, which is discounted by 49%; Echo Pop twins packs with a Wipro bulb are discounted by 59%; and the well-liked Fire TV Stick is discounted by 40% for Rs 2,999.


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