Google Releases Android 15 Developer Preview 1: Everything You Should Know

According to Google, the Platform Stability milestone for Android 15 should be reached in June.


Google launched the first Android 15 Developer Preview on Friday to give businesses and software developers a sneak peek at what to anticipate from the upcoming edition of its open-source mobile operating system, Android 15, which is still under development. Google claims that Android 15 will increase device security while enabling apps to utilize flagship technology, including as cutting-edge screens, AI, GPUs, and cameras. Upgrades are also planned for other components, such as File Integrity, Privacy Sandbox, and Health Connect, when the update is released to users later this year.


Google announced on Friday that the first Developer Preview of Android 15 is now accessible for Pixel smartphones in a blog post. These builds are meant for developers to test their apps on the most recent version of Android, which is still under development and is likely to contain issues. As such, they are unlikely to include new features for users or modifications to the UI.


Google reports that with Android 15, apps will be able to adjust flash power precisely and increase the brightness of the camera preview with new low light features and controls. It will also make it possible to utilize a composition app to operate a synthesizer app on a smartphone acting as a virtual MIDI 2.0 device.


Privacy Sandbox — Google’s new system to enable developers to show targeted ads that claims to preserve user privacy — is also getting an upgrade with Android 15. Health Connect will also support “new data types across fitness, nutrition, and more”, the company states.


Additionally, Android 15 comes with new application programming interfaces (APIs) that, by utilizing a potent Linux kernel feature, can shield users from viruses or modifications to their data. In the meanwhile, users will be able to record only one app window rather than their entire screen when the next version of Android supports partial screen sharing.


According to the business, there will be an additional developer preview in March, and beta releases of Android 15 will start in April. The public beta versions of the future Android version are available for users to test out, though it is usually advised to install them on a backup smartphone. According to Google, platform stability is anticipated by June, after which no significant updates or new features will be added to the operating system.


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