Generative AI Features Coming to the Oppo Reno 11 Series AI Center to Launch Soon

AI Eraser and other AI-based features will be available for the Oppo Reno 11 series globally in Q2 2024.


The company announced on Wednesday that generative artificial intelligence (AI)-based features for the Oppo Reno 11 series will be available soon. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer additionally disclosed that it has set up an AI Center to foster innovation in the rapidly developing field of technology. The company’s priorities will be developing smartphones that are ready for AI and adding new features to its current lineup. Oppo added a number of AI features to its ColorOS New Year Edition update earlier this week in China.


The Oppo AI Center will be the company’s specialized research and development division, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence and its applications, the company noted in its announcement. It will also give users worldwide access to a wider variety of AI features and products that are focused on them. This suggests that Oppo may introduce specialized AI hardware, akin to the AI Pin and Rabbit R1 from Humane.


In the near future, Oppo is adding new AI features to its Reno 11 series, which includes the Reno 11 and the Reno 11 Pro, even though this is a long-term project for the company. The AI Eraser tool, which can remove unwanted objects and people from an image’s background, will be added to the series, it was revealed, without mentioning the list of features that could be coming to the smartphone. The Chinese company also stated that the AI features will be available everywhere by the end of June, 2024, during the second quarter.


“Following feature phones and smartphones, next-gen AI Smartphones will represent the third major transformative stage in the mobile phone industry. In the era of AI Smartphones, both the mobile phone industry and user experience will witness revolutionary changes,” said Pete Lau, Chief Product Officer of Oppo.


Oppo also listed the four essential components of the perfect smartphone that is AI-ready. It emphasized the effectiveness of leveraging computational resources to fulfill the demands of multimodal content creation, self-learning capabilities, and generative AI. According to the company, in order for AI smartphones to comprehend both their users and their surroundings, they should also be able to perceive the real world in real time through a variety of sensors.


Lastly, the business also investigated its own AI stack in greater detail. With the release of the Oppo Find X7 series in January, AI features were introduced for the first time. The manufacturer of smartphones disclosed that it used its in-house AndesGPT, which has 180 billion parameters, to explain the language model underlying the AI. The AI model was developed with cloud-device collaboration, personalization, and dialogue enhanc


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