“AI Super Resolution” will soon improve Windows 11 gaming performance

Microsoft introduces the “Auto-SR” feature for Windows 11, which uses AI to improve graphics quality and gaming performance on some NVIDIA RTX computers.


Microsoft is set to release AI-powered super-resolution upscaling technology for Windows 11 in order to improve certain games’ performance. On Windows 11 PCs, the company will enable native AI upscaling functionalities, which are now available in the Windows 11 24H2 Insider release.


The new feature on Windows 11—dubbed “Auto-SR,” or auto super-resolution by Microsoft—was first identified by PhantomOcean3. It is nestled deep within the graphics settings menu and may be enabled for individual apps or games, or for the entire system.


The frame rate and visual quality of AAA games are greatly enhanced by the proprietary AI upscaling technology developed by major graphics card makers. In contrast to other methods, Microsoft’s AI upscaling may be used with media players, video conferencing apps, browsers, and even older games that don’t support DLSS from NVIDIA or FSR from AMD.


As of right now, the feature is supposedly only compatible with PCs that use NVIDIA RTX graphics cards (20 series or newer), and it is also reportedly limited to PCs. Therefore, laptops equipped with the newest Intel Core Ultra processor will also be able to utilize this capability.


The second part of 2024 is probably when Microsoft will deliver Windows 11 24H2, which is also anticipated to be the final significant Windows 11 update. Many new on-device AI features that utilize the newest chips from AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm with a dedicated AI processing unit are among the many new features that are anticipated.


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